About us

A Few Words About Kaneques Farm

The name Kaneques was created from the merging together of two words — Kanine (derived from the police dog K-9) and Eques (latin for “horseman”). Owned and operated by Lisa and Anthony Dickman, Kaneques Farm was created through the merging of two life-long passions — Lisa’s love for horses and the breeding of KWPN horses for the sport of dressage, and Anthony’s love of the working dog, mainly the Belgian Malinois. Together they are building their dream of having a facility where horses and dogs are integral parts of their daily lives.

Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, Kaneques Farm sits on over 40 acres of lush farm-land, with several large fields, a pond and a large 70×100 foot barn. The farm itself was originally an old cattle barn, but over the years, has slowly been converted into the perfect place for broodmares to raise their babies, young horses to grow up, and old horses to spend out their golden years. Horses spend their time out in the fields with huge run-in sheds to escape the elements. They live together in herds with plenty of room to roam and lots of grass to fill their bellies. 2015 marks the year we started putting stalls up in the barn, starting with foaling/medical stalls, and hope to add additional standard stalls in the years to come.

Horses bred at Kaneques Farm are bred for the top levels of sport. We like to consider ourselves kind of “Boutique Breeders”, where we can breed a small number of top quality foals every year.  We aim to “reach for the stars” and create a youngster of quality that will not only excel in the show ring, but also prove to be a fantastic partner for its “person”. Foals are given a strong foundation from which to grow, with lots of handling from day one. Our youngsters are raised outside in big fields to help facilitate the development of strong bones and muscles. We do everything we can to set the stage for a strong and successful future in every horse we breed.

Our Belgian Malinois come from solid working lines. Many of the males we use for breeding have been successfully used as working dogs. Our puppies are in high demand. Many offspring have gone on themselves to work in law enforcement, Schutzhund training, or protection work. Many have also grown up to be valued family members in the right environment.

Our Vision


The object of our breeding program is to continue to strive to “bring out the best” in our mares with their offspring.  Our goal is to look hard at our mares – their strengths and their weaknesses – and try to find a stallion that will help enhance their attributes and hopefully offset their weaknesses.  While there is no such thing as a “perfect” horse, that should always be the goal we strive for.  We hope to breed top quality foals that will have strength of structure and character to be able to perform at the highest levels of dressage.


The USEF is spending a great deal of effort creating a “pipeline” for young horses in order to make them competitive on the national/international level.  We feel very strongly that American bred horses should be seen traveling up this pipeline, including horses from our own breeding program. We would love for our farm name as breeder to be commonly listed on horses competing in Young Horse and Developing Horse Classes and competing successfully at all levels of dressage.


In our short time of breeding, we have already accomplished so much with our program.  From premium foals to successful riding horses, our offspring have competed successfully on the KWPN-NA Keuring Tour, in the young horse programs, and at regular dressage competitions.