Our Philosophy

Be only the Best!  At Kaneques Farm, we strive for being only the best in everything we do, whether it be breeding top quality horses for the sport of dressage, breeding top quality dogs for work and sport, or offering a great environment to raise your youngsters or retire your elderly equines!

Our mares come from proven marelines, that consistently produce quality offspring for sport or breeding.  The stallions we choose also come from long lines of competitive horses, and are known to pass along quality of disposition and athletic ability.  Due to its strong history of success in sport, as well as the extensive research put into its breed registry, our primary focus is on the Royal Dutch Warmblood (KWPN) with an emphasis on breeding for Dressage.

Our Belgian Malinois also come from proven working dog lines.  The dogs have competed in sport, worked alongside professional handlers, and shown to be attentive family members.  Our puppies are in high demand, and proving to be successful protege in their own right.

Featured Horse

GG 16 Encore 7588


Encore makes the featured page again this year with his break-out into 4th level at only 7 years old!!! Encore is by Jazz, out of our fabulous mare, Aloha S.E. (Sir Sinclair/Wanroij). He was bred by Kaneques Farm and is owned and ridden by Amy Miller of Amy Miller Dressage. Amy and Encore make a fabulous pair and have moved successfully up the levels together. Congratulations to both of you for your continued success at 4th level and beyond! (Photo Credit: Tamara with a Camera)




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    Dateline S.E. 2008 KWPN Registry A mare by Hotline/Contango/Doruto Headline K.F. – 2012 Colt by Ampere...

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