December 31, 2021

Overdue Updates

2021 was a year of hellos and good-byes. In early spring, we lost our beloved mare, Aloha S.E. (Sir Sinclair/Wanroij) and her unborn foal by Grand Galaxy Win. That was definitely a hard loss to take. Aloha has been with me since she was 3 years old. She was my partner and my friend, and I miss her dearly. I am just so glad that I have so many wonderful offspring of hers out there doing amazing things with their owners!

But 2021 was also a wonderful year because we got to say hello to three new girls that will hopefully be joining our broodmare band in a few years! Please welcome everyone…

Rio K.F. – Rio is by Connaissuer (Con Amore/Donnerhall) out of my lovely Ster mare Karisma S.E. (Negro/Jazz). Rio offers great foundation bloodlines that I am excited to use with some of the newer stallions out there. I am really looking forward to seeing her all grown up finding perfect boys out there to match her up with!


November 25, 2020

Congratulations to all the new owners!

Congratulations to all the new owners of Kaneques Farm bred horses. Even through the thick of a global pandemic, all of my babies found their perfect future partners. I am so excited to watch them all grow and to see the wonderful things they will do together!

IMG_4158 IMG_4660 IMG_4431 IMG_4023 IMG_6223 IMG_1489



October 25, 2020

Kodiak K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Hotline) – CBLM Reserve Champions at First Level


Congratulations go out to Rebecca Douglass and 5 year old Kodiak K.F. on their super showing this season and Reserve Champion at First Level at the CBLM Championships in Williamston, NC. Kodiak is by Sir Donnerhall out of Dateline S.E. Rebecca bought Kodiak as a weanling, and has raised and trained him all on her own. They make a lovely pair together, and Kodiak has grown up to be quite an impressive horse. Jaw dropping is what comes to mind when I think of him. Congratulations on all of your hard work Rebecca and Teddy!


October 15, 2020

Beautiful Kahlua K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Sir Sinclair) – Growing up Nicely

Kahlua K.F. and owner/rider Carola Waag are looking spectacular as they step out into the show ring this year. I am so lucky to have built so many wonderful relationships with the owners of my babies. It is such a thrill to watch them progress with each other! Kahlua and Carola make wonderful dance partners!



September 30, 2020

Babies are Growing Up!

With Covid-19 canceling the keuring tour this year, we decided to take the babies out for some pictures and videos. Very impressive group of foals this year…

Pachinko K.F. (Gaudi SSF/Tuschinski) 4 Months Old

Poseidon K.F. (Koning DG/Sir Sinclair) 5 Months Old

Paxton K.F. (Glamourdale/Hotline) 5 Months Old

Phoenix K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Negro) 6 Months Old

July 31, 2020

Encore (Jazz/Sir Sinclair) Grand Prix Debut

Encore 2020-0 web

Major Kudos go out to Amy Miller and Encore for successfully competing at Grand Prix for the first time this year. It has been so fun to watch these two climb the training ladder together from Young Horse classes, to Developing, on to Grand Prix. Amy has done a super job and the partnership these two have is enviable. I am so proud of both of them. Congratulations to Amy also for earning your Gold Medal this year as well!

Encore (Jazz/Sir Sinclair) is the first foal I ever bred and the first foal out of my lovely mare, Aloha S.E. Photo credit goes to Terri Miller

June 30, 2020

Welcome Falona DG

IMG_3919 2

This year we decided to add another member to our broodmare herd! Falona DG is by Idocus (Crown) out of Satina (Ster/Pref) by Contango. She was champion of her IBOP in 2013 with a score of 85, awarded Keur mare, and was named North American Champion of Dressage 3-7 year old mares. She is half-sister to the stallion L Primo (standing at DG Bar Ranch), and has had 4 stellar foals already. Huge thank you to Willy Arts and the team at DG Bar Ranch for breeding this beautiful girl and for letting her come join my team! I am super excited to have her come this winter after the weaning of her current foal by Koning DG.  Stay tuned for more pics and details once she arrives here in Virginia!.

May 31, 2020

Our Final Foal of the Year arrives!  Pachinko K.F. (Gaudi SSF/Tuschinski)


Last foal of the year, but certainly not the least, is the super colt, Pachinko K.F.!!! Pachinko is by the special Totilas son, Gaudi SSF, out of my lovely Ster mare, Diementa CL. This boy has “knock your socks off” movement, topped off with just the right amount of bling. He is going to get noticed wherever he goes.

This is the second time I have used Gaudi SSF as a sire. Both times I feel that he has added to the mares and helped to produce just super movement. This foal is exceptional and will definitely be one to watch for the future!

May 12, 2020

Aloha S.E. Still has “It”

Just a little snippet of Aloha S.E. running with her new foal, Poseidon K.F. (by Koning DG). Not bad for 15 years young!!!!

May 08, 2020

Paxton K.F. (Glamourdale/Hotline)


This tall, leggy colt joined the world today with quite a bit of excitement. We missed a bit of his first week since his momma had some complications from foaling, so he spent his first 10 days in the hospital with his mom. Luckily, everyone came home healthy and happy, and we could not be more thrilled. Paxton is everything I hoped for in this combination. He is modern, elegant and has quite a fluid way of moving. His canter is correct, his trot and walk are just lovely. He is going to be a strong candidate for the FEI young horse classes for sure.

I am really looking forward to what the future holds for this special boy!

May 1, 2020

Welcome to the world Poseidon K.F.


Today we welcomed Poseidon K.F. into the world. Poseidon is by Koning DG (Bordeaux/Jazz) out of our special mare Aloha S.E. (Sir Sinclair/Wanroij). This super strong, well-built colt has the absolute sweetest disposition I have ever seen. He practically put on his own halter from day one! He has a strong, balanced canter, and I am already seeing the lovely trot that Aloha puts on her babies starting to come out. This is going to be a very correct colt with the kindest of attitudes! What more could anyone ask for?

Poseidon K.F.’s sire, Koning DG, stands at DG Bar Ranch in Hanford, CA. Last year Koning won the CDS 4 Year Old Futurity Championship after being the top scoring stallion in the North American Stallion Testing Championships. His sire, Bordeaux, just recently received Keur status by the KWPN, and his dam, Darcy CL was the highest scoring mare at the Pavo Cup as a 4 year old, and then went on become the reserve Champion 5 Year Old at the USEF Young Horse Championships. And of course, Poseidon’s mom, Aloha S.E., passes on her strengths with her strong dam-line and movement. This is going to be very special horse that I am super excited about. I just wish “he” was a “she”, but alas, that is how breeding goes!  Someone is going to be very lucky to have this special boy!


March 26, 2020

As We Rise From the Ashes!


I look back on my post from December 31 and chuckle to myself — who knew we would be facing a Pandemic and that the world would be shutting down just a few short months into the new decade? But as with all things, life goes on. Flowers bloom, warm weather arrives, babies are born. Today we welcomed our first foal of the season. Phoenix K.F. (named after the mythological bird that rises anew from its ashes) arrived to our surprise a bit early. I walked into the barn to his sweet little nicker, and I knew from that moment, that he was something special! He is by Sir Donnerhall out of Karisma S.E. (Negro/Jazz).

Phoenix K.F. is going to make the perfect modern dressage horse. He has super uphill conformation, the powerful hind end that Negro passes on, a fluid walk and great canter. He is brave, inquisitive and happy. This is definitely a horse to watch for the future and will be a great competitive partner for someone!

IMG_9267 2

IMG_9298 2



December 31, 2019

Welcome to 20/20 – !


Today marks the end of a year full of definite ups and downs. We had an especially difficult foaling season, with our breeding season offering challenges of its own. Yet on the flip side, we were able to welcome the beautiful Ohana K.F. to the world, and are eager to watch her grow up to be a super talented dressage horse, which I know she will be!

We were able to continue to celebrate the successes of Amy Miller and Encore (Jazz/Sir Sinclair) as they competed at Intermediate 1… finishing out 12th in the country with the USDF!!!! We were able to celebrate as Kodiak K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Hotline) and Kahlua K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Sir Sinclair) took their first steps into the dressage arena with huge successes with their owners! Ohana K.F.(Gaudi SSF/Negro) impressed us all at her KWPN-NA Keuring, earning Champion Dressage Foal and was ranked 11th in the Country, while Mokabria (Ferro/Hotline) was ranked top 2 year old in the Country on the Keuring Tour! What a great year for our program!!!

2020 marks the year of great vision for me! I am heading into the new year and new decade with clear insight into my breeding program. I am going to continue on the path to breed top quality horses for the future. I want to push myself to learn more, study more, and work harder to reach my goal. I want to keep raising youngsters from my program and from others, so that they can grow up to be happy, healthy horses for years to come.  I feel I have a good thing started, and want to continue on the path I have already laid here at Kaneques Farm.

I am excited for the upcoming foaling season… and if all goes well, it should be a fantastic line-up! Stay tuned as we head into spring to hear all about them!!!!!

I cannot thank all of my clients and boarders enough! Thank you for having faith in my program. Thank you for loving my horses! Welcome to 2020… the decade of great things to come!!!!!

September 30, 2019

2019 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour a Huge Success!

September wraps up yet another successful KWPN-NA Keuring tour. Ohana K.F. (Gaudi SSF/Negro) was SPECTACULAR at her keuring, where she was awarded high First Premium and Top Dressage Foal. The judges gave her a 80 for movement and 78 for conformation, with a combined score of 79! The judges felt she had good conformation, powerful movement and good balance and self-carriage. While our score wasn’t quite enough to reach the KWPN-NA Top 10, we came in at #11… so I’ll definitely take it. Unfortunately the lighting in the arena was horrible, so I don’t have any good videos to share!

IMG_1478    IMG_1489

Mokabria K.F. (Ferro/Hotline) was also a superstar at her keuring in Oregon! Not only did she get a high First Premium with a 76 for conformation and an 80 for movement (combined score of 78), but she also ended up being ranked as the Top Dressage Bred 2 Year Old in the Country! Way to go Mocha!!!! Huge congratulations to Mocha’s owner, Heather Oleson of Heather Oleson Dressage! Photo Credit: Mary Cornelius




March 30, 2019

Ohana K.F. arrives!

Today we had the pleasure to welcome Ohana K.F. into the world. She is by Gaudi SSF (Totilas/DeNiro) out of our lovely young mare, Karisma S.E. (Negro/Jazz). In Hawaiian language, Ohana means family. I felt the name was fitting, given the star studded pedigree behind this little girl. I certainly wasn’t wrong. This filly is special!!

fullsizeoutput_98b   fullsizeoutput_998   fullsizeoutput_99b



November 5, 2018

Congratulations New Owners


Congratulations to Ariana B. on the purchase of Netflix K.F. (Don Olymbrio/Tuschinksi). We are super excited to see all the great things you two will accomplish together. The fact that Netflix gets to stay local is even extra icing on the cake!!!!


August 31, 2018

KWPN-NA Kuering in Suffolk a HUGE Success!

The first ever Keuring held in Suffolk at the lovely Six Pound Farm was a huge success for the Kaneques Farm breeding program.

Karisma S.E. (Negro/Jazz)

– We started off the day presenting our newest broodmare to the Jury from Holland. Karisma S.E.(Negro/Jazz), bred by Siegi Belz-Fry, impressed the judges by her spectacular walk, sufficient use of body and strong hind end. She was awarded Ster, Keur eligible, and was the highest scoring adult horse at the event. Karisma is currently in foal to Gaudi (Totilas/DeNiro) — so excited to see that baby!

IMG_4524 IMG_4442


The foals of Kaneques Farm also did not disappoint, with all three foals taking the top three places! And to add icing to the cake, Nokia K.F. (Grand Galaxy Win/Hotline) was awarded highest scoring horse of the keuring, and later named North American Reserve Champion Dressage Foal. Judges awarded her 82 for Conformation and 83 for Movement, commenting on what a quality foal she was. Can’t really get much better than that!

Nokia K.F. (Grand Galaxy Win/Hotline)

– First Premium and Champion Dressage Foal, Highest Scoring Dressage horse at Keuring, and North American Reserve Champion Dressage Foal!

IMG_5288    IMG_5326





Netflix K.F. (Don Olymbrio/Tuschinski)

– Second Place at the Keuring and bringing home his First Premium Ribbon!
IMG_5008   IMG_5025





Nolivi K.F. (Olivi/Sir Sinclair)

– Rounding out the top three at the keuring and also bringing home his First Premium Ribbon!
IMG_5140IMG_5200 copy





June 10, 2018

June Brings in a Double-Header!

Boy was this past weekend a busy one! We welcomed two new spectacular foals to the farm! I am so proud of my girls for constantly passing on their great characters and high quality in their offspring!

Nolivi K.F. 06/08/18. (Olivi/Sir Sinclair)


I am so thrilled that Aloha had a safe and healthy delivery, and am just in love with this boy. Nolivi is by Olivi (Jazz/Aktion), sire of the famous UB40 who until his recent passing stood at Iron Springs Farm in Coatesville, PA. Nolivi is confident, brave and loves attention. He honestly has the strongest hind end that I have ever seen on a newborn foal. I think this boy will have no problem reaching the upper levels of dressage like his half-sibling, Encore! I cannot wait to watch him do great things!

Nokia K.F. 06/09/18. (Grand Galaxy Win/Hotline)


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this filly!!! She is everything I look for in a top foal.. long-lined, leggy and super movement. Check out her sales page and you will see what I mean! I am so tempted to keep this filly in my broodmare band, but I really think she has IT, and I would love to see her go to a professional or top level rider that can bring out what I know is in her!!!!

May 28, 2018

Welcome Netflix K.F.(Don Olymbrio/Tuschinski)

Today we welcomed the first foal of the season and he is super! Netflix K.F. is by Blue Horse Don Olymbrio (Jazz/Ferro) out of the lovely Diementa CL (Tuschinski/Rousseau). As much as I love having the “Bria” line in my own broodmare band, I am really liking it coming down in the sire line through Don Olymbrio as well. What a super character and fantastic mover this boy is! I think Diementa outdid herself with this boy!!!!

Netflix K.F. is FOR SALE! Definitely make sure to check out the sales page for more information and current photos/videos!!


December 13, 2017

Amy Miller and Encore in the News

Super proud breeder moment when I learned that Amy Miller and Encore have been listed to the US Equestrian Development squad of horse and rider combinations. Encore (Jazz/Sir Sinclair) is the first foal I bred out of my lovely mare, Aloha S.E. He has found his perfect partner in Amy Miller from the start.  It has been a great pleasure to be able to follow their journey together. I cannot wait to hear more amazing things from the two of them in the future.

Read more about it here…


September 16, 2017

Mokabria K.F.

Third Overall at KWPN-NA Keuring at Iron Springs Farm

Mokabria KF-40

Mokabria was invited back into the championship ring at the KWPN-NA Keuring at Iron Springs Farm on September 5, 2017, where she was awarded 3rd overall in a truly competitive class of foals. The judges felt she was a well-muscled, correct foal with a good canter and powerful hind end. I could not be more pleased with how this little girl handled all the excitement. She is a very special girl!

Mokabria KF-36.

Update:  Mokabria has sold to rider/trainer Heather Oleson of Heather Oleson Dressage.  I am super excited to follow the success of these two in the future!





September 13, 2017

Playing Catch-Up (Part 2)

Year of the Fillies!!!!  2017 was a year for fillies here at Kaneques Farms.  Within one weekend, we welcomed two beautiful girls, both of which I am super excited about….

Malibu K.F. (Hollywood DG/Tuschinski) 06/02/17


Malibu is by the Rock Forever grandson, Hollywood DG, out of our new mare, Diementa CL (Tuschinski/Rousseau).  She is a beautiful, leggy and refined girl with just the right amount of sass… and just like her mother, can she MOVE!!!!  We lovingly call her Barbie Doll, and she is just about everyone’s favorite.  Check out the sales page for more information!


Mokabria K.F. (Olympic Ferro/Hotline) 06/04/17


Mokabria has won my heart from the moment she hit the ground.  She has been super correct in both movement  and conformation, and has the absolute best brain.  She watches everything before she tries something new, and then when she does try it, she does it perfectly.  Mokabria has Olympic influence from both sides of her pedigree, with her sire, Ferro having competed in the 2000 Olympics and her great Aunt, Barbria  having competed in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for this girl, because I think it is going to be very bright!



September 13, 2017

Playing Catch-Up (Part 1)

I am long over-due in updating this website and have so much to share with everyone!  First and foremost, I would like to introduce everyone to our newest addition to the Kaneques Farm Broodmare Band!  Last fall we welcomed the beautiful mare, Diementa CL to our program.  


Diamenta CL (Tuschinski/Rousseau) is a 2008 Ster/Provisional Keur, PROK mare out of the super strong “iementa” mare-line in Holland.   She received super scores at her keuring as young horse, especially for her trot and canter.  Diementa also successfully competed in the 2012 Pavo Cup Finals in Holland, placing in the top 20 – holding her own against competitors like Dream Boy, Don Tango and Dark Pleasure.

Diamenta (or Cali, as we like to call her) has already won her way into the hearts of everyone here.  She had a beautiful filly this spring and has proven to be a fantastic mother.  And boy, can this girl MOVE.  She is truly jaw-dropping.  I am so excited to have her here and part of our program!





May 06, 2016

Breeding is Not for the Faint-Hearted!

This year we experienced an extremely unfortunate streak of bad luck with our breeding program. At day 294, we lost our Charmeur/Hotline foal to an umbilical stricture, and then we lost our Governor/Sir Sinclair foal due to complications at birth. It has been incredibly heartbreaking for both us and our girls. But we have faith in our vision as breeders and have pulled ourselves up, brushed the dirt off our knees, and moved forward — looking positively towards the future. Stay tuned for news on next years’ foals as things develop!

February 06, 2016

2016 KWPN-NA Annual Meeting at the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland

Thanks to The Dressage Foundation and the Elysium Farm Fund for Breeder’s Excellence, I was able to attend the KWPN-NA Annual meeting which took place this year alongside the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. What a fantastic opportunity it was for me to be able to meet with fellow KWPN-NA breeders, as well as see some of the “best of the best” that the KWPN in Holland is producing. It is not very often that I get the chance to see so many high caliber horses in one place. My personal favorite was the Apache son, Indian Summer. Wow, wow, wow. I sure hope he becomes available to us US breeders at some point in the future.


At the stallion show I was able to see both Governor (Totilas/Jazz) and Charmeur (Florencio/Jazz) go under saddle — making me even more excited for their foals this upcoming spring. I also have a few ideas as to future stallions I might consider for my girls! All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am so thankful that I was able to participate. Thank you so much Dressage!!!

(For more information on The Dressage Foundation, and to see the article I wrote about the event, please visit


January 05, 2016

Welcome Karisma S.E.

2016 begins with the addition of a new member to our broodmare band here at Kaneques Farm.  Please welcome Karisma S.E., a 2015 KWPN-NA filly by Negro out of a Jazz mare.  Karisma S.E. was bred by my good friend and mentor, Siegi Belz-Fry of Stall Europa and brings with her a pedigree filled with Keur, Prestatie and Preferent titles.  Her sire, Negro (Ferro/Variant), is the sire of top dressage horses all over the world, including world record holder, Valegro, ridden by Charlotte Dujardin.  This impressive stallion is known for passing on his power and ability to sit to his offspring.  Karisma’s damsire, Jazz, needs no mention.  Jazz has been at the top of the WBFSH breeding rankings for many years, with offspring dominating the highest level of dressage worldwide.

Karisma S.E. brings with her an interesting pedigree to add more depth to our breeding program.  We are super excited to watch her grow up at the farm, and see the fantastic offspring she produces in the future!


January 01, 2016

Congratulations to the New Owners!

Congratulations to the following new owners:

Rebecca Douglass on her purchase of Kodiak K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Hotline).  I am so excited to see this handsome boy all grown up one day!


Carola Waag on her purchase of Kahlua K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Sir Sinclair).  Kahlua will be growing up with us here at the farm for a while before she makes the long trek out west!



September 17-20, 2015

Encore (By Jazz o/o Aloha S.E.) wins the CDS Open 6-Year-Old Futurity with a combined score of 72.078%


Encore continued his winning ways this year yet again under the wonderful stewardship of his owner/rider Amy Miller of Amy Miller Dressage. The pair put in two solid performances at the Annual CDS Championships to win the Paquita Parker Perpetual Trophy in the CDS Open Six-Year-Old Futurity with a combined score of 72.078%. This is an “Encore” of their previous year’s win at the CDS Championships in the 5 Year Old Futurity class. Amy and Encore make such an amazing pair. It is so fun to be able to watch them grow together. I may have bred this boy, but I think all the credit goes to Amy for her fantastic abilities as a rider. And, of course, credit definitely goes out to his momma — Aloha S.E. for making such fine babies!!!!

Congratulations Amy and Encore!  


September 2, 2015

Kahlua K.F. (Sir Donnerhall/Sir Sinclair) Named Champion Dressage Foal at Iron Springs Farm Keuring

Kahlua KF-42

Kahlua K.F. had a fantastic showing at the KWPN-NA Keuring at Iron Springs Farm today where she not only earned the coveted First Premium Ribbon, but was also named Champion Dressage Foal and overall Highest Scoring Dressage Young Horse.  What a great honor!

Kahlua took everything in in stride.  She loved being in the arena showing off her stuff and kept her temperament through the entire event.  This little girl is going to be something really special. I can tell.  The judges loved her suppleness, light-footedness, and her high level of joint articulation.  They commented on her well-muscled top-line and modern body type.  We are so proud of this girl!

This girl is for sale — see sales page for details.  Kahlua K.F. will be a fantastic addition to any breeding program, but I am also super excited to see her show off in the competition ring!

Photo Courtesy: Stacy Lynne Wendkos


July 16, 2015

2015 Dressage Foundation Elysium Grant for Breeder Excellence Recipient!

Today we learned that we have been awarded $1500 to apply towards the 2016 KWPN-NA Annual Meeting at the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland next February.  What a great honor!  Following is the press release given by the Dressage Foundation:



TDF Awards Grants from Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence

Posted on 07/16/2015

TDF Awards Grants from Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence
The Dressage Foundation is pleased to announce two grant recipients from its Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence; Lisa Dickman (VA) and Gina Leslie (NY).

The Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence, established at The Dressage Foundation in 2011 by Abbey Henderson, owner of Elysium Farm (MA), provides financial assistance to breeders to pursue educational opportunities related to breeding that will advance their careers, promote sound breeding practices and further enhance the quality of U.S.-bred dressage horses.

Lisa Dickman was awarded $1,500 to attend the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting alongside the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland early in 2016. Lisa says, “I am thrilled at the opportunity the Elysium Farm Fund has afforded me. I hope to use this experience to gain more insight into current breeding trends in Europe, which I can apply to my own breeding program and share with other North American breeders, as well. It is so important to have these kinds of programs available to American breeders, like myself, in order to enhance the quality and competitiveness of U.S.-bred dressage horses.”

Gina Leslie was awarded $1,500 to attend the Breeders Orientation Course in Germany, held by the Hannoverian Verband in October. “Our goal at Sandpiper Farm is to produce sport horses with good minds and correct conformation for longevity in the show ring – horses with strong hind ends, clean throat latches, strong top lines, and freedom of the shoulder. Attending the Breeders Orientation Course will enable me to see hundreds of stallions during the tour. I feel that the more horses a person sees and judges, the more he or she develops a better eye for movement and conformation.”

Thank you Dressage Foundation