Fees and Services

Standard Stall Board:           $500

  • Includes Maintenance Feeding**
  • blanketing/grooming/fly spray
  • standard farrier trim
  • worming
  • holding for vet/farrier

Mare/Foal Stall Board:          $700

  • Includes handling of mare/foal daily
  • basic foal training through weaning
  • additional food for nursing mares/foals plus msm supplement for growing foals
  • farrier trim for mare and foal,
  • worming of mare and foal, holding for vet/farrier

Medical Stall Board:          $20/day

  • Includes standard stall board along with special care for cold hosing/wrapping/hand walking/wound treatment, etc; private turn-out if applicable

Young Horse Field Board:        $350

  • handling at feeding,
  • grooming and basic training for fly spray, hosing, etc.
  • stall board in inclement weather,
  • feed program, msm supplement, worming
  • farrier trim

Retirement/Broodmare Field Board:    $350

  • handling at feeding
  • blanketing, fly spray, worming
  • farrier trim
  • Holding for vet and farrier
  • Additional charges may apply for additional feed if necessary for older horses/broodmares

Additional Services

  • Foaling Services:  $350 (Would prefer broodmares arrive at the farm 30 days prior to foaling to get acclimated.  Boarding costs separate)
  • Trailering:
    • $50 minimum charge
    • $35/horse for local hauling (or $50 minimum if one horse)
    • $1.00 per mile for long-distance hauling (loaded and unloaded)

* Note: Additional vitamins/supplements (outside of MSM which is included for young horses) to be provided by OWNER of horse. Hay will be provided by FARM during winter months or for stall board. Any additional hay requested by OWNER will be the responsibility of OWNER. Medication added to the feed will be at no additional cost to OWNER

**  Additional fee will be charged to Stall Board Horses requiring meal programs outside of the Maintenance Feeding.

***Note:  Prices subject to change.  Please contact us for current price list and space availability***